Ways To Maintain Adsense Account is not banned

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Ways To Maintain Adsense Account is not banned - Before this I never wrote an article about "How to Increase Google Adsense CPC ? " . Maybe with my previous articles can significantly increase your CPC .
But this time , I again would like to review this topic from a different perspective .

The first thing I want to remind you is , you might forget that Google has a lot of documentation regarding this issue . The goal of course they want to help us , the Adsense publisher , to keep the account remains in good condition .

Prevent invalid activity

Although , there is no 100 % effective way to avoid invalid activity , but at least this article from Adsense support can be used as a foundation and guide to prevent invalid clicks .

Give more attention to these three tips , which is " Do not partner with parties who are not trusted / have low quality " . Often such sites provide fake traffic using a bot that cause false impressions and clicks are invalid . And this is the fastest way to make your Adsense account banned .

Always be wary when signing up to the site your blog traffic generating services . If it is not clear how they generate traffic to your blog , then it should be avoided .

Note all suspicious activity

We advise you to monitor the activity of your blog traffic . If you find the activity , the IP address of the referring site suspicious funds or the number of clicks that are not reasonable , you may report it to Google here .

How do I appeal ?

No matter how great a system , will not be 100 % perfect . And in fact , although it is rare, sometimes I wrong in taking decisions disable Adsense account someone who actually adhere to the policy . If you feel do not make mistakes , you can appeal here .

Many people say that Adsense is a mere scam , when their account is disabled .

In my opinion , Google Adsense far can be regarded as a scam . Google actually wants us ( the publisher Adsense ) achieve success . Why ? As more and more quality sites , the more relevant sites that can be accessed by Adwords advertiser , the greater the revenue Google .

That's why they specifically provide Adsense optimization team ! A team of experts ready to help AdSense publishers achieve maximum revenue . Thus Google's revenue had come to be even greater.

The main point is of no interest whatsoever for Google Adsense to disable an account without any strong reason . Because of that , I do not understand why some people think Google Adsense as a scam .

If Google disables your account , it's because they believe there is risk of invalid clicks , which is clearly detrimental to the advertiser ( advertiser ) them .

You have to realize one thing : Advertisers Adwords is Google's partners are getting top priority . Not we the Adsense Publisher ! So , if they find something which adverse Adwords advertiser , they will take steps necessary to protect their interests . Including if you have to disable your AdSense account ! .

However , as I alluded to above , errors occasionally occur also in the decision by Google to deactivate one Adsense account . For that they provide facilities appeal .

Every day , I do the " homework " them , that is sure to get the best advertiser . They will protect their largest source of income , ie the Adwords advertiser ! .

In conclusion : it is impossible and there is no way to ensure 100 % Adsense account we would be safe . But if you do not do the offense and try to abide by all the Adsense policies , as well as following the guidelines of this article , then it minimizes risk and your account will be fine .

May be useful .

Ways To Maintain Adsense Account is not banned

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