Adsense Score Card : Should the Basis ?

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Adsense Score Card : Should the Basis ? - As an Adsense publisher , you definitely pay attention to this one Adsense facilities , the Score Card . In short , this scorecard provides an overview of the performance of your site / blog , in terms of Adsense revenue optimization , as well as providing suggestions for maximizing your Adsense earnings . Read my latest article "How to Increase Google Adsense CPC?"

The question now is : Is this score cards give the best advice to maximize your Adsense performance and must be followed ?

In this article I deliberately want to elaborate on this issue further . This is the picture belongs to my score card :
Adsense Score Card : Should the Basis ?

As you can see above . I got a score which is stable in my opinion it's just in the ' Optimization of income ' .

Come , let us try to discuss them one by one .

Suggested Ad Formats

Generally indeed some ad units have better performance compared with other ad units . In this case , of course I always recommend using the best ad unit performance.

But , in my opinion , of course we still have to do a test on the performance of ad units is best for our own site . Large size does not always work well on all sites . All will depend on the design of each site . Even if enforced , it will only make the design of the site will be ' chaotic ' and will ultimately lower Adsense revenue.

For example , Google is trying to always recommend measuring unit 336 x 280 or 300 x 250 compared to the size of 250 x 250 . Of course , I can not wear unit 336 x 280 on all the blogs that I have. Like on this blog , I prefer to install the unit 468 x 60 at the end of the post , and for this , the unit is working properly .

If I was forced to install the size 336 x 280 for example , then I do not see anything good , because it will make this blog a ' full ' and crowded .

Well , things like this apparently makes the value on my score card to be extremely low , because I do not follow ' advice ' them .

Combination of Text and Image Ads

Every time you create a new ad unit , Google is always suggested to enable text and image formats as well .

However , when I put the unit on a header , after a test , it displays image ads only on the unit , providing a higher CTR than if enable text and images at once . Similarly, for 728 units x 90 .

Again , this makes the value of my score card ' fall ' .

Crawler Errors

If you ever get a warning about the crawler error , it means that the Adsense bot encounter problems when trying to access your site . Should quickly perform the necessary steps . Because the crawler will determine the relevance of the ads displayed on your site / blog .

Google Plus ?

Do you ever feel weird about this ? Of course , Google+ has become part of all anything done by Google , and therefore who could complain ? It is their product , of course they will do everything they can to promote it .

Honestly , in my opinion , this in no effect on Adsense revenue . But , in terms of marketing , I must acknowledge the expertise and should be raised to their caps .

I can imagine , the Adsense publishers who are not users of Google+ , will soon add a +1 button on your site / blog them , because they want to get the value of the 'perfect ' score cards Adsense on them , while hoping their Adsense earnings will increase .

Good , Google is very smart !

Changes in Adsense Score Card

Every time you do what is recommended , then your score will increase . Positive changes are marked in green . Conversely negative changes marked in red .

What do you think ?

Every day , Google is trying to increase their income . Therefore , they seek also presents tips and suggestions to the publisher . The larger incomes publisher , the greater the revenue Google .

However , one thing that you must remember , Google uses global statistics to give you the best advice on their score card . This means , what works well for them , not necessarily according to your own website or blog .

In my opinion , Adsense score card is very good at giving an overview of what is ' happening ' in your Adsense account . Even so , I do not have to do a lot of changes based on the value and the recommendation that they serve.

But , if you score low value cards in the ' Error crawlers ' or ' page speed performance ' , you should have immediately made ​​the repairs necessary . Because both of these very influential on the performance of your blog , and of course a direct impact on your Adsense revenue . For the other points , I can not say much, do the test is still the best .

Final conclusion , as I explained above , there are several reasons for the ' no heed ' advice and value to a scorecard Adsense . And I myself prefer to ' ignore ' on a few things .

Bottom line : do THE BEST for your website / blog of your own .

Adsense Score Card : Should the Basis ?

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