Traffic is also human! : 5 Tips to Attract Visitors Blog

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Consciously or not, we often think of "traffic" blog solely as a noun. Just the numbers. Without life. Without feeling. Though true blog traffic, we are human.

Yes, traffic is also human. Not just the numbers. Not just data stats counter. Not just a graphic that makes you always want to check it 5 times a day. :)

Traffic and "man" (who visits your blog) are two different things. You can buy traffic, but you can not buy loyalty for your blog visitors. Traffic will come pretty if you are good at search engine optimization, your blog visitors come because they feel benefit and personal warmth. 

Traffic does not give a link to your blog, your blog visitors voluntarily linking a link to your blog. Traffic does not have a taste, your blog visitors smile, nod, sad, or angry reading your blog post. Traffic not register RSS, your blog visitors feel the need to register your blog RSS. Traffic has not commented, your blog visitors to comment.

5 Tips to Attract Visitors Blog
Visitors to your blog is the pulse that animates your blog.

If visitors to your blog is so important, what can you do to lure him to always come back to visit your blog?

Here are 5 simple tips on how to captivate your blog visitors.

5 Tips to Attract Your Blog Visitors

1. Appreciate Your Blog Visitors
If you want to captivate your blog visitors, there is no other way except appreciate your blog visitors. If your blog is a home, then you are a guest blog visitors. Honor your guests. Be humble. Santunlah speak. Mannered does not mean identical with "EYD", sometimes even too formal and rigid. Write with your own style, even if it's a slang style though, but get yourself to always be polite. Lastly, do not ever brag to your blog visitors. Providing online business earnings information publicly on your blog is not at all the wrong things. But Convey information with an elegant way. Do not make your visitors think that you're "showing off wealth." :)

Check Points:
- Be humble
- Use polite language
- Do not ever brag

2. Give More
Yes, give more. Certainly no means should be money. Giving more could be providing blog content is really useful. Something that can not be found on other blogs. Giving more could also be having a good blog design with easy navigation and links needed for your blog visitors. Giving more can also just change the code with no-follow your blog into a do-follow. Give "link love" to your blog visitors.

Check Points:
- Write the content is really useful
- Make your blog design "different" among other blogs
- Give the referral link that takes visitors to your blog
- Give "link love" to every comment on your blog

3. Be a Good Friend
When I decided to create a blog, you actually have decided to be friends even if only through the virtual world. Befriend through the comments on your blog. As much as possible please reply to comments on your blog. I am often surprised to find a blog with 1 comment and that too without any reply. If indeed you want your blog visitors back, retaliate any comments, help your visitors if you have any questions, or even retaliate even if only by giving thanks. If you become a member of social media, be a "Contact" and leave a personal message to visitors of your blog.

Check Points:
- Try as much as possible to reply to comments on your blog
- Assist visitors to your blog if you have any questions
- Be a "Contact" your blog visitors MyBlogLog
- Leave a personal message on the social media visitors to your blog

4. This is the secret: Call name
One adage that I like is this: most melodious voice they wanted to hear everyone is calling their name. And that too applies for your blog visitors. If you reply to comments on your blog, make sure to write down the name of the visitor who left a message on your blog. Do not just with the greeting "Mas, Sister, Uncle or Bro." Write the name correctly. If you appreciate the name of your blog visitors, in return for your blog visitors will appreciate you.

Check Points:
- Write the name of your blog visitors to comment
- Write the name correctly

5. Visit Your New Friend
Friendship relationships in the online world (maya) is not different from the offline world (real). Giving, sharing and mutual respect is the currency in both worlds. If someone visits your blog and leave a comment, although only one, try to visit and comment on his blog back. Give only positive comments (yes, there's no point in giving a negative comment for any reason if you really sincerely want to be friends). Last, try to visit him regularly in the time you have.

Check Points:
- Try to visit the blog to comment on your blog
- Give positive comments
- Visit the periodic

Once again, blogging is not just data and figures. Blogging is really about people. If you want to captivate visitors to your blog, there is no choice but to treat them as human beings. Not just "traffic". The more you understand and appreciate your blog visitors, the greater the rewards you for your blog visitors.

So, let's start treating "traffic" as a human being. Not just the numbers.

Traffic is also human! : 5 Tips to Attract Visitors Blog

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