11 Tips For Easy To Read Guest Post

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Posting (writing) is one important factor of success of a blog. Postings are easy to read will help visitors understand what the writing. No matter how great your writing, if not made in good structure, it will be difficult to read visitors.

How to make the structure easy to post reading? Here are 11 tips that is my personal experience.

1. Create a Post Summary. Is the post from your personal experience, your online search results, and so on. By express, your blog visitors will feel respect for you.

2. Create a short paragraph. Generally consist of 3-5 sentences. If paragraphs are long-term, visitors will quickly get bored and tired.

3. Create a sub-title of the posting (if needed). Generally it is the key points that you want to describe. When you use wordpress, subtitles are well used to using Heading 3 format.

4. Use numbers or bullet points. This is suitable if you elaborate example of not more than 5 pieces. See an example of the use of bullet points below:

5. Create a table. It is suitable for packing list more than 5 pieces.

6. Insert a picture suitable or attractive. Avoid excessive use of the image (usually not more than 3 pieces). This could be your photo shots, images from the internet, cartoons, or animated.

7. Use popular grammar. Avoid using words that are not understood by the public, such as local language, slang, and foreign languages ​​than English.

8. Strive post not too long. Usually this is no more than 1000 words. If you're using WordPress, you can check in word count (under the post body).

9. Bold, tilt, or give an appropriate color for a few words that you consider important. This will allow the reader to identify these words.

10. Create a link to related posts. Related Posts can be to your own writing or the writing of others. It will help readers to know more topic you cover.

11. Re-read your post before it's published (publish). This is to identify typos or groove of writing that does not connect between paragraphs. I recommend you to read the text two or three times.

11 Tips For Easy To Read Guest Post

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  1. waw .. makasi buat tips nya :)

    oiya. jgn lupa comment backnya ya :)
    ditunggu loh :)

    By : Education's Now

    1. iya sob sama" :) jgn lupa balik lagi ya semoga bermanfaat :D

      iya sob, jika ada waktu saya sempatkan untuk berkunjung ke blog sobat :)