Become a Successful Blogger By Dreaming

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Who are we now? Maybe we are a beginner blogger who was hobbled set up a blog, have air-blog page rank 0 or rank alexa over four million? In my opinion, it all does not matter.

Today we may not be successful than other bloggers. However, what is important is who we are one year. Maybe you agree with me that our dreams of the coming years is to become a successful blogger earning hundreds of dollars per month consistently.

You may have snickered a friend who wanted to meet a famous artist, "dream time ya ....". However, it's actually not that bad dream image. For some, the dream means that ideals can actually be realized, as long as there is a will and effort. Indeed, there is little difference between the two. Dreams are only beautiful reverie alone, sometimes inconsequential, and even seem unreasonable.
Become a Successful Blogger By Dreaming

While the goals are usually equipped with a plan achievement. However, if the dream does not seem plausible that (according to our present understanding) fought in earnest, then the value the same as the high ideals. World proved, only those aspiring capable of changing the face of the world. But once they like teasing as a mere dreamer.

Ancient times, the idea that people could fly into outer space is considered a dream in broad daylight. However, once the aircraft technology has been able to bring people to explore outer space, it's a crazy idea really so fact indisputable. Great achievements always begins with big dreams too. So did we, do not be afraid to dream of being a successful blogger earning hundreds of dollars per month consistently in the coming years. The power of dreams is what will give us a big boost in the fight.

Dreams that SMART

Dreams can indeed be a powerful driving force.
But what kind of dream?
In my opinion, a terrible dream is a dream that pushed workers SMART ie specific, measurable, attainable, and timeliness.

What are examples of SMART's dream?
For example, my own dream of the year ahead should be a successful blogger with a value below 50,000 alexa and earn $ 100 per month consistently. It does not matter who I am today, okay really dreaming!

The dream is not enough!
Had a dream that I mentioned above, is certainly not enough. To achieve these dreams, we need concrete actions as well as other forces that could help us achieve that goal. The measures are:

1. Optimize your blogging activity.
At this stage we are required to optimize all the knowledge and the means that we have so that we can make a useful post, increase visitors, and memonetasi blog. For starters, in order to optimize the activity of this blog, you'll want to read the Benefits Backlink for Blog and SEO strength.

2. Power of Prayer
Prayer is a means of approach to God and ask His blessing so that our dreams come true ideals. By praying, hopefully optimistic that we will increase power and even greater motivation. In practical language, prayer is like a proposal to the Lord.
Well, by reading this post, there are thought to be afraid to dream a successful blogger? Indeed, it is the mental preparedness to fear us when the dream becomes reality.

Hopefully this article useful and can motivate bloggers in the world :D.

Become a Successful Blogger By Dreaming

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